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Salisbury is a pretty traditional market city that lies in the heart of the British country side. The city is known globally for it’s one main tourist attraction, the mysterious stone circle of Stonehenge but the cathedral city has much more to offer visitors who spend a little time discovering the city and surround region.

The compact city, which is largest city in the region, lies in a sunken valley with the massive cathedral dominating the skyline. Salisbury has spurned the recent massive construction programs to take hold of Britain and retains a calm and welcoming atmosphere for tourists. As Salisbury is conveniently located on the main southwest train line it can be easily visited as a day trip from London or as a tour of the South or West of England. Let us here at be your tourist guide to Salisbury and detail to you why you should visit the great city Salisbury.

Salisbury Tourist Guide

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Salisbury Cathedral
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Salisbury Tourist Guide


The Old Sarum

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Danebury Hill Fort

cathedral of Salisbur

The magnificent cathedral of Salisbury


The massive stones of Stonehenge

salisbury gate

A gate to the city